Over 10 years providing bespoke osteopathic treatment to a wide range of clients from my osteopathic clinic in Cavendish Square, Marylebone, London W1

Osteopathy is a bespoke treatment, that utilises medical and musculoskeletal knowledge to help diagnose and treat pain and injury.

Osteopaths undergo intensive training over 4 years, and are skilled in diagnostic techniques to identify and work alongside consultants, doctors and other healthcare professionals to ensure the highest level of care. Osteopaths develop a treatment plan that caters for the individual by combining massage techniques, manipulation and exercise rehabilitation.

Exercise rehabilitation is an important part of osteopathic care. It is catered to the individual and recognises your personal strengths and weaknesses to ensure that the correct muscles are exercised within their limit. Exercises are important to keep the body moving, reduce inflammation and prevent further injury.

Anishas speciality lies in her 10 years of experience with dancers, athletes, desk workers and manual workers. She is able to come to a quick diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan to get you the quickest results possible.