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Osteopaths do not just fix back injuries. We spend 4-5 years at university studying the entire body anatomically and physiologically. At her clinic in Cavendish Square, Anisha combines techniques in order to treat the injured area locally and ensure it never returns. This is by creating a treatment plan for you and ensuring you can manage your pain around your lifestyle. We work with other therapists within the clinic and externally (GPs, Consultants) that enable us to provide the best care for our patients
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Neck Pain

Neck pain

Neck pain is becoming more and more common, due to work place demands, poor posture and stress.

Symptoms can be constant or intermittent, dull and sharp. Occasionally patients can experience headaches and pins and needles in their arms.

Osteopathy helps the symptoms of this by establishing where the issue lies and then treating the area with soft tissue, manipulation and exercise rehabilitation advice.

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Lower back pain

8 out of 10 people suffer from a bout of low back pain at some point in their lives. The pain can be agonising and cause some people the inability to walk.

Lower back pain can be felt as stiffness, weakness, aches, sharp pain on movement, pain on standing, pain on sitting, pain on getting up and trouble climbing up and down stairs.

Most commonly patients experience pain when they wake up first thing in the morning that gets easier as they move about.

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Low Back Pain
Sports Injuries

Sports injuries

Whether you enjoy training at the gym, golf, football, cycling or walking they all put a different sort of stress on your body. This can predispose you to injury and cause muscle strains and tears.

Not only is this painful, it can be mentally frustrating to have to stop taking part in something you love doing!

Osteopaths will get to the root of these injuries fast and be able to help you recover in order to get back doing what sport you enjoy the most.

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Arthritis pain

Arthritis is becoming more and more prevalent. This can be genetic or just caused by the stress we put on the joints of our bodies.

When arthritis occurs you can experience pain of varying degrees. It can be agony or very mild. The joints feel stiff and can become ‘locked’. Theres a reduced range of movement and the joints can.

Osteopaths help arthritis by increasing the movement within the joints, and easing off the tight muscles surrounding the joint.

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Arthritis Pain


Feels like constant pain down one of your legs.

There are many causes for the sciatic nerve to get irritated. This can be caused by a disc, a muscle spasm, inflammation and the spinal vertebrae.

By getting a proper diagnosis an osteopath can get to the root of what is causing this and use techniques to help ease the pain.

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Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Shockwave Therapy is evidence based treatment is non invasive and has the ability to treat chronic pain conditions without the need for injections, medications or surgery.

The soundwaves of a shockwave machine feel like pulses on your muscle. This can be uncomfortable but our highly trained team of Osteopaths will ensure this is within your limits at all times.

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Shockwave Therapy


“You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the direction of your wings.”

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