Sports Injury

  • You’ve probably seen athletes using foam rollers in the gym, but what do they actually do?
    Foam rolling is a therapy technique that can boost flexibility, improve recovery, and increase the joints’ range of movement. Essentially, using a foam roller prompts myofascial release, directly affecting areas that are tight within the myofascial by relaxing the muscles being rolled.

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  • Two new studies have been published recently that have set the sports and exercise worlds talking, casting doubt into whether the way we have been warming up for all these years, is not only a waste of time but actually counter-productive.

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  • Staying active is important for your joint health and your overall well-being. However, injuries can happen, and often, they involve the knees. There are a number of common problems that can affect your knees. Tendinitis, meniscus tears, sprained ligaments and even old injuries that haven’t been properly treated can cause pain.

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Anisha qualified as an osteopath 10 years ago. Since this time she has done numerous courses and further education to further her knowledge of Osteopathy. Anisha’s reputation has meant that she has been sought out by celebrities to work with them and their rehabilitation. Anisha has grown two clinics, over the last 2 years. She is passionate about spreading the word of osteopathy and preventative care in adults and children to avoid pain or injury later in life.

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