Do I have Sciatica or not?

One of the most common reasons that people come to see me is for lower back pain. This lower back pain has been looked at by a doctor and the person has been told that they potentially have Sciatica. However, just because you have lower back pain, this doesn’t always mean that you have sciatica, in fact, this is a common misdiagnosis and I do find it frustrating.

Grinding your teeth at night

Do you ever wake up feeling that your neck, jaw and head are completely tight and tense? If you do, then chances are that you are a grinder. During the day you won’t notice this happening, however, as soon as you are asleep as night, you are going to find that you have no control on whether your grind your teeth or not.

Why a smartphone could be ruining your sex appeal

Smartphones, laptops and iPads might be a great invention for the world of technology, it has come at a price. How are you reading this post? Are you reading it on your smartphone? Perhaps you are sat on a bus or train, hunched up, head down.


One of the most common questions that I am asked is the reason why people’s joints will seem to click or even crack throughout their body when they move.

There are a variety of reasons why you may experience this. Sometimes it is because you have air trapped in your joints, which is then released as you move.


Two new studies have been published recently that have set the sports and exercise worlds talking, casting doubt into whether the way we have been warming up for all these years, is not only a waste of time but actually counter-productive.


Iron deficiency is a progressive condition caused by many factors that usually affects women. It often creeps up on sufferers as symptoms aren't untoward. Who doesn't feel drained after exercise? Or who doesn't press the snooze button one to many times?






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