My Story

Anisha qualified as an Osteopath 12 years ago. Since then she has won Principal Osteopath of the Year and she has been sought out by magazines and national paper for her expert commentary and by many well known faces to help their posture and pain.

About Anisha

Anisha prides herself in her ability to put a patient at ease and fully inform them about what is wrong and why they are in pain.Anisha’s reputation has meant that she has been sought out by celebrities to work with them and their rehabilitation.

Anisha has grown two clinics, over the last 2 years. She is passionate about spreading the word of osteopathy and preventative care in adults and children to avoid pain or injury later in life.

Award Winner


Anisha won the Principal Osteopath of the Year award by the prestigious Institute of Osteopathy.

Speaker / Teacher

Anisha enjoys being able to pass on her knowledge to other osteopaths and the public about how to prevent pain and become the best version of themselves.
The Stronger Body Plan

THE Stronger Body Plan

Having years of experience and teaching them how to prevent their pain from getting worse, Anisha decided to write her own Strong Body Plan that focuses on allowing people to take their injury into their own hands and RE:BOOT their joints and prevent further problems from arising. See more in her SHOP.


“Shower yourself with unconditional love, like the sun showers the earth with sunlight.”

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